The Matrix (1999): absolutely still slaps

Hi I finished writing a draft of an article and I am very pleased but can't brag about it on any of my other accounts because academics might see and feel sad.

Today's bread, baked for a friend (a friend who, gosh, I really hope does actually like sourdough...)

The Chinese grocery @turtlebirb & I shop at was fully stocked in everything except tofu, so of course we did the only reasonable thing and learn how to make it ourselves.

Douhuafan for dinner!

One of the best things about really spicy spicy food is that after you've eaten you get to lie on the couch, recover, and remark "Oooh!" as many times as you'd like about the experience

I got sad and planted a kabocha seed, right out of the squash, in my houseplants. But now they've sprouted. Oh no. :oh_no:

In these times of deep uncertainty and--yet--surprising stasis, there is nothing to be done save the concerted study of the contemporary moments' logics and their latent contradictions. In such junctures, may lie revolutionary openings.

So today I am baking sourdough banana bread.

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