My history is as a union organizer. I have a specific set of organizing strategies that I am familiar with, that work in a certain broad set of contexts. But they don't work in all contexts!

I'm going to use this thread to share some of the strategies and analyses I have learned as a union organizer.

I would like to encourage other organizers to respond to this post to share what strategies they have learned.

Please boost this so we can reach as many organizers as possible!

A lot of times we talk about the necessity of "organizing" or "getting organized" but we don't often talk about what the concrete and practical actions of organizing are.

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(I didn't get around to posting these strategies today! I'm going to try to do that tomorrow.)

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@turtlebirb Speak with people where they are, not where you want them to be. Most eyes will glaze over when they hear cant. Listen more.

Don’t overlook unconventional alliances which the ideological hardliners will scoff at. Those can be incredibly productive at the soil level, especially when tacit. Tacit deals with churches and power grannies are struck in the kitchen, not some office.

Know when to pack it in and try a different tack. One only has so much energy.

Listen. Hold hands.

collective bargaining 

collective bargaining 

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