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Server rules

  • Be kind, be cool, be compassionate.
  • Affirm the following statement, in both its most general and most specific applications: Nazis and TERFs fuck off.
  • Pronouns. Respect them, whatever they may be. If you’re unsure, please ask.
  • Do feel free to invite friends, but take a moment to ponder whether they’d find this a good place to be. Consider 50 people to be a rough threshold, at which point we will have to consider how to proceed from there.
  • Respect requests for content warnings.
  • Keep lewds and thirst off the local timeline and under an appropriate content warning (ie. "Lewd" or "NSFW", etc.)
  • “Freedom of speech” is not to be considered a self-sufficient virtue which stands above any concept of ethics. Furthermore, the First Amendment is a US law, and since I am not a US citizen I do not recognize your right to exercise it.
  • Harmful remarks and sentiments remain harmful, even if spoken ironically. Conduct yourself accordingly.
  • When you reply to someone's post, you are a guest in their intimacy. A guest's responsibility is to be respectful, to be good to the other guests, to not take liberties of the host's hospitality, and to not trash the place. Be a good guest.
  • Should disagreements occur, do try to listen for what the other person means rather than what they say.
  • Emotional support and validation is real and good praxis. Endeavour to provide it.

Moderation policy

We’re all friends here. As such, we expect that “hey, cut it out” will be a reasonable and sufficient warning that you are not behaving appropriately. Explanations may or may not be offered, depending.

"Hey, cut it out" is an expression of boundaries, and as such can be uttered by anyone.

If you don’t cut it out, moderators may escalate to such measures as “serious conversation” or “a talking to”. Do not allow things to escalate further.

Do not let the impression of a linear progression mislead you. Some steps may be skipped, as appropriate, for the benefit of the group.

Legalistic debate of rules or moderation decisions is discouraged. The existence of a boundary is not an opportunity to probe its edges. Aspire to spirit, not letters.

Being kind and compassionate is not the same as being polite or civil. Do not confuse the two.

Federation policy

We will block on sight:

  • Users or instances who discriminate against, or tolerate those who discriminate against: race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, immigration status, religion, or other identity marker. This includes anti-Indigenous/Nativeness and anti-Blackness. “Freedom of speech” is not an adequate ethical defense.
  • Instances which do not take appropriate action to deal with the above, or with instances of harassment. “Appropriate action” may vary case-by-case, but we reserve the right to determine whether we think an action was sufficient.
  • Corporate instances or accounts, and any form of non-personal advertisement.